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Identifying value

finding opportunities that others overlook

BillHamid’s acquisition strategy involves looking at both negotiated and marketed transactions. BillHamid’s team has a track record of quantifying upside or value concepts that the firms marketing the assets did not identify or characterize. These ideas are usually generated through the application of data science methodologies combined with sound engineering and geoscience principles.

By maintaining a focus on the underlying data, geographic area or basin concentration becomes less important than the profile of the asset. BillHamid leverages this to find value in areas that get less attention, whether it’s because they’re logistically complex or because there are some other factors present that create market opacity.

Asset profiles can be thought of in various ways, but broadly, BillHamid has acquired and continues to pursues assets with large, low-decline production bases that can be used to finance growth.

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BillHamid’s operating strategy strives to maintain 100% of wells producing 100% of what they’re capable of 100% of the time. In cases where BillHamid maintains a non-operated position, this means identifying ways to improve production and proposing them to the operator.

Production operations has the tremendously important task of ensuring that the lifeblood of the company is preserved. BillHamid achieves this by:

  • Encouraging an idea meritocracy amongst field and corporate office employees alike

  • Measuring the data that’s important

  • Paying attention to things that change, responding appropriately

  • Committing to continual growth and improvement

Creating value

continual improvement

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Maximizing value

Determining where to deploy capital

The assets that BillHamid acquires have a bend towards quality. One aspect of this is the presence of multiple ways to win. In this context, maximizing asset value includes deploying capital in a way that limits risk, forces asset appreciation, and allows for sustainable growth. These objectives are easier to realize in a balanced way on assets with more options.

Certainty comes at the cost of optionality. In a sector that is known for having a high degree of uncertainty, BillHamid’s management team believes it is prudent to prioritize optionality over certainty so that the firm can adjust to prevailing market conditions in a way that allows it to deliver strong shareholder returns over the long term.

recompletions & Workovers

A deep inventory of low F&D, repeatable, low risk operations can offset production decline and keep the business performing consistently.

infill drilling & downspacing

Large assets that have previously seen significant capital development cycles have appraisal and production data that can be used to identify remaining low-risk drilling opportunities. These opportunities, while more capitally intensive, give an ability to realize growth targets.

secondary & tertiary processes

Producing conventional assets lend themselves to the application of engineering techniques that ensure all economic value has been extracted. These techniques may involve waterflooding, gas injection, or EOR processes.